Sunday, May 15, 2016

Six Reasons Why NOT to Write (and what to make of them) PART 2

LINC classroom, Central Branch, Hamilton Public Library

 A young man once asked the great mythologist and story-teller, Joseph Campbell, whether or not he should become a writer. Campbell's response to the young man was this - "Can you endure ten years of disappointment with nobody responding to you?" The reasons why NOT to write are profuse, pervasive, and persuasive. Join novelist and poet, Janet Turpin Myers, for a free-ranging discussion about some of the best justifications (excuses?) for not writing - and (hopefully) develop arguments to silence these naggings of negativity.

JANET TURPIN MYERS has been writing all her life, despite being advised as a teenager to pursue office work rather than writing.  Her poetry has appeared in Hammered Out and Tower Poetry. Her debut novel, Nightswimming was published in 2013 by Seraphim Editions. Her short story, Crashing, won third place in Hamilton's gritLIT Short Fiction competition. The Last Year of Confusion was published in May 2015. She is a graduate of McMaster University, and a happy resident of the ravines and forests of north Burlington's beautiful escarpment lands.